Exciting News for Race Car!

My husband, Ricky and I are starting on a fun new project for Race Car Dreams release this fall!

Click on the Race Car’s Transformation to learn about what we are working on and to follow along with us on this fun new adventure!


One Year Later!

April 1st may be April Fools to most people, but not to this writer. April 1st is a special day for me!

Last year, my dream came true with the official sale of RACE CAR DREAMS to the fantastic house, Running Press Kids, by my amazing agent, Jessica Sinsheimer.

This year, I have a photo that my super awesome husband, Ricky took of me holding none other than that very same picture book that Jessica sold one year ago today! And alongside Race Car is his wrench in my other hand because every good Race Car needs his trusty wrench.:)

me race car and wrench

A Long Overdue Thank you!

Last fall when my picture book, THE SPARROW AND THE TREES released, a wonderful friend read my book to her kindergarten class. They enjoyed my book so much that they made me a keepsake book that I will treasure always. On the outside of the book is a photo of all of them with their binoculars (which was my event craft thanks to Sue!) to their eyes and a copy of my book front and center. Inside the book is the sweetest note from the kids and the most adorable illustrations from them featuring Sparrow and many of the Trees.

I did tell my friend, their teacher to give them a huge thank you from me and to tell them that I love my keepsake book and will cherish it forever. But I wanted to thank them personally here on my blog and share a couple pictures of my book made by the hands of these amazing artists.

Sue's class with Sparrow


IMG_1721 IMG_1722

Thank you to all of the children in Mrs. Sue Gagliardi’s class at Upper Moreland Primary School! Keep reading and drawing! Your artwork is beautiful.

PS… there is a special package coming to you soon!

Sparrow’s First Award!

I am excited to announce that my picture book The Sparrow and The Trees is a Kansas State Reading Circle Catalog Selection.

Way to soar Sparrow! I hope many, many children enjoy reading about your struggles and how important kindness is to all those around them.