LET THE SIRENS BLARE!!! The Pre-order Campaign Begins!!


FIRE TRUCK DREAMS is officially available for pre-order and to celebrate him being the third book in the ‘Vehicle Dreams Series’, Fire Truck and I are doing a three alarm giveaway!  (A three book alarm giveaway, that is!)

Fire Truck cover

Isn’t he adorable!

First, I want to extend my gratitude to everyone who has purchased and supported the other books in the ‘Vehicle Dreams Series’. Race Car, Bulldozer, and I are forever grateful and hope your little ones are enjoying them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Now, onto those fiery hot giveaway details:

If you pre-order FIRE TRUCK DREAMS before his release date of October 9, 2018, I will mail you a swag pack this October that includes:

One (per order) signed bookplate.

One (per order) Fire Truck Dreams bookmark. (Photo to come this fall)

And possibly some sweet surprises. (Everyone loves a good surprise, right!)

*** IF YOU’RE A TEACHER OR CHILD CARE TAKER please let me know in your email so I can send a bookmark for every child. A simple quick note that you are a teacher or care giver and how many bookmarks you’ll need and they will be on their way this fall.  


In addition to the swag pack listed above, every pre-order placed by 11:59 PM October 8, 2018 will be eligible to win a grand prize (one grand prize giveaway per every five hundred preorders) basket filled with:

One swag pack mentioned above with FIRE TRUCK DREAMS bookmark and a signed bookplate. 

One each of RACE CAR DREAMS and BULLDOZER DREAMS bookmarks.

Race Car Dreams bookmarks       Bulldozer bookmarks

An autographed copy of ALL THREE of the vehicle dreams books! Aren’t they cute side by side! 

Additional swag gear (a mini race car trophy, a squishy cone stress toy, and a fun fire truck squishy stress toy!) (Squishy fire truck photo to come!)

trophies          Cone

One $25 Barnes and Noble gift card

One $25 Starbucks gift card

(And! Additional items to be announced throughout the duration of the preorder campaign.)

To Enter: 

Pre-order FIRE TRUCK DREAMS by 11:59 October 8, 2018.

Send a quick email to vehicledreamsbooks@gmail.com with the number of copies you pre-ordered in your the subject line. Please only send one email per person. The number of copies ordered listed in the subject line will suffice for multiple entries. Also, within the email include your mailing address for your swag to be sent to and if you’d like the bookplate inscribed, please include the name. Or if you prefer, you can fill out this simple, short google doc form and I’ll do the rest for you! Google Doc Pre-order Form


Everyone loves bonus entries, right! If you order both RACE CAR DREAMS AND BULLDOZER DREAMS with your pre-order of FIRE TRUCK DREAMS, you will receive TEN entries for the grand prize giveaway! 

IF you already own one or both of the vehicle dreams books, attach a photo of your book or books and you will get FIVE bonus entries per book (FIVE for RACE CAR DREAMS and FIVE for BULLDOZER DREAMS!). Bonus entries for books you already own are only eligible IF you preorder FIRE TRUCK DREAMS. Total entries will be TEN for the grand prize giveaway!  

International entries are welcome. 

Auto receipt for your entries will be sent. 

Winners (chosen by random computer draw) will be announced by October 31, 2018. Proof of pre-order will be required for grand prizes. 

To make preordering easy for you, here’s some links:

And lastly, once again a sincere and heartfelt thank you to every single person who has purchased one of my books. It’s your support that brings the love of books into children’s lives. And with your continued support, authors just like me will be able to keep writing those words for your children to enjoy.

One last thing, please feel free to post and share this blog post anywhere you’d like. The more entries, the more giveaways!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Fire Truck Dreams rolls on the scene!

What do you get when you add a Fire Truck to the ‘vehicle dreams’ series?

An adorable fire truck, a cute little Dalmatian, a toy bucket, and lots of s’mores!

Here’s a blurb for FIRE TRUCK DREAMS:

Fire Truck has had a long day of putting out fires and saving kittens from trees. He’s tired and heads home to bed.

He washes his bumper, slurps up something to eat, and chooses his favorite book about rescuers to read before turning out the light.

As his hose deflates, he drifts off to dream . . .

about sirens sounding and a fire that needs extinguishing!

And here is his super cute cover!! Isn’t he adorable!

Fire Truck Dreams cover

FIRE TRUCK DREAMS releases October 9th, 2018! I can’t wait for him to join his friends Bulldozer and Race Car who are available NOW!

BULLDOZER and RACE CAR together under one awesome bookstore roof!

Thank you Bookmarks Bookstore for hosting a fun storytime for BULLDOZER DREAMS! And for inviting his good pal RACE CAR DREAMS to vroom alongside him! My family and I had such a wonderful time with the huge crowd of book loving kiddos!


The calm before the fun!


Bookmarks nook

I love this storytime section!


My adorable granddaughter, Sophia patiently waits for storytime to begin.


Thankfully she had her equally adorable cousin, Sidney to share that waiting time with. Together the two of them enjoyed a ton of books. Bookmarks is FULL of awesome distractions!


YAY! Finally, STORYTIME begins!! Where I shared both BULLDOZER DREAMS and RACE CAR DREAMS with a huge crowd of over 40 super smart kiddos, who asked some of the most clever questions! One little boy wanted to know why Bulldozer was so fat! lol My answer: He ate too many cookies! Ha, yes, I believe Christmas is still in my heart.

(Per the daycare rules that attended storytime, I’m not allowed to share photos of them online. But here’s a few of me reading to them. Thank you to such a wonderful audience!)

After storytime, coloring sheets and goodie bags were handed out to everyone!

Little Dakota wasted no time getting her BULLDOZER DREAMS and RACE CAR DREAMS buttons pinned on her. Isn’t she cute!! Thank you, Dakota for sporting the ‘vehicle dreams’ buttons so awesomely!


Before leaving I signed lots of books! Autographed copies are available at Bookmarks Bookstore in Winston Salem, NC. And online through their website Bookmarks Bookstore


Thank you to my daughter, Cherylenna, my granddaughter, Sophia, my mom, Charlotte, and my great-niece, Sidney for crunching along with me for a wonderful fun-filled morning! I love you all.


And thank you to Jamie Rogers Southern for arranging my visit. We had a blast and can’t wait to return this fall with the third book in the series, FIRE TRUCK DREAMS! (Releasing October 9, 2018!) Be on the lookout for details about FIRE TRUCK DREAMS (including his super cute cover!) soon!


January 2018’s Picture Book Pick of the Month is up!

Let’s kick off a new year with a VERY special picture book for my Picture Book Pick of the Month.

Click on the link above (Picture Book Pick of the Month) then ABCs WITH SOPHIA! (which is January 2018’s pick) for some fun info about the book, the illustrator, and the publisher to this super cool concept in personalized Picture Books. Also included is a picture of the cover, interior cover, opening lines, and LOTS of favorite page spreads! And a link for ordering in case you’d like to order a personalized picture book just like this one for that special little one in your life.

From Maui to Wisconsin!

Crunch . . . Crunch . . .CRUNCH!!!

BULLDOZER DREAMS was spotted by a friend inside the Target store in Brookfield, Wisconsin!!

GO BULLDOZER!!! And I love that he’s in the same spot in every Target. This way shoppers will always know where to find him. 🙂

Bulldozer in Wisconsin


Ricky and I just returned from a fabulous trip to Maui, Hawaii! The weather was beautiful, the scenery was spectacular, and the ocean was gorgeous. We had a wonderful time!



BUT! One of the most exciting sights we saw was inside. . .



Target in Kahului, Maui!

TA-DAH!!! BULLDOZER DREAMS was proudly sitting on their shelf!!



Isn’t he adorable!

Mahalo Target for picking up Bulldozer Dreams and for carrying him in one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever visited.




December 2017’s Picture Book Pick of the Month is up (PLUS a giveaway!)

Ho! Ho! Ho! This month’s Pick is brought to you by Santa, two rowdy puppies, and a very clever Gingerbread Cookie!

Click on the link above (Picture Book Pick of the Month) then A Cookie For Santa (which is December 2017’s pick) for some fun info about the book and the author, as well as a picture of the cover, opening lines, and Stephanie’s favorite page spread! And don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end!