BULLDOZER DREAMS prelaunch prep begins!

Bulldozer and I are super excited about what’s in store for our events this fall. In fact, we are so excited, we couldn’t wait to start sharing some of the details now! Click on the Bulldozer Dreams tab above, then scroll below to ‘prelaunch prep begins!’ to check out some of the super cute fun we’ll be having!

An adorable RACE CAR DREAMS fan!

Race Car and I are both so excited to share these adorable pictures of a fan. This cute little one loves Race Car Dreams so much that it has made it into his daily nap and bedtime rotation of books!! Race Car and I couldn’t be happier!


KEEGANBOOK-WEBwith RCD and watermark

Photo Credit: Sable & Lace Photography



KEEGANBOOK-2WEBwithRCD and watermark

Photo credit: Sable and Lace Photography

Thank you to Sable & Lace Photography for sharing these adorable images with us!

To learn more about Sable & Lace Photography or to book an appointment for a photo session, visit their website at www.sableandlace.com


April Fool’s Day will forever hold a special place in my heart. It’s the day that the ‘Vehicle Dreams Series’ was born!

It’s been two years since its birth and I am super excited for the upcoming second book in the series to release this fall. It just doesn’t get any better than that! Oh, but wait — it does! Because a third book in the series will join them in 2018! 

BULLDOZER DREAMS releases October 3, 2017. Stay tuned next week for his cover reveal on The Little Crooked Cottage. And for lots of fun things in the works for his book launch this fall. Ricky and I have some cool things up our sleeves for him.