RACE CAR DREAMS cruises with the cool cars!

RACE CAR DREAMS races into Pages Books and Coffee during Mayberry Cool Cars and Rods Cruise In and he was one super sharp ride!

Check him out as he cruises alongside some of Mayberry’s cool cars! I do believe Race Car is in the lead!


Now it’s time for Race Car to get back to business.



Race Car’s pit crew under the Pages Books and Coffee sign!


Racer’s start your engines!!


Race Car gets a tiny visitor along with his big brother, who shows him how to honk the horn!

Time to sign some books!



Race Car! Race Car! Race Car! All around me!


And it’s never too late for that last-minute sell before you leave!


Random fun pictures of the cool cars of Mayberry!



The Chriscoe guys checking out a friend’s cool car!



A very special cool car!

Some more very special cool cars and a cool truck!

rickys-car   daniels-car   richies-truck


Vroom Vroom! Let’s race!

Thank you to Sandy (the owner of Pages Books and Coffee) for hosting Race Car and I for a very cool afternoon.

Thank you to my family (Race Car’s Pit Crew!) for traveling with Race Car and me during our book tour, I love you all!

Thanks again to my agent, Jessica Sinsheimer, my editor, Julie Matysik, my publicist, Cassie Drumm, and my publisher, Running Press Kids for making RACE CAR DREAMS a dream come true!

That’s it for Race Car’s book tour. Thanks to everyone who has followed along. I hope you’ve had a vrooming good time!

Guest Blogging and a Giveaway!

If you’re at all familiar with the Kidlit world, then you know the name Tara Lazar. She is an amazingly talented picture book author, blogger, and the creator of the ever so popular Picture Book Idea Month (or PiBoIdMo). So when I had the opportunity to do a guest post on her blog, naturally I jumped at the chance! I am happy to say that my blog post, “Thinking Outside the Bookstore for Events” is live on Tara’s blog today.

Hope you’ll vroom on over to check it out! While you’re there, leave a comment and you’ll be entered for a chance to win an autographed copy of RACE CAR DREAMS, a poster, and some super cool swag.

Thinking Outside the Bookstore for Events (plus a giveaway!)

Vroooommm! Vroooommm!! Mooooo!!!

What do you get when a super cute race car, real live race cars, yummy chicken, and a cow meet up in one spot?

A RACE CAR DREAMS at Chick-Fil-A vrooming good time!

A recap of the day!

Setting up! And the awesome sign Chick-Fil-A has had on display for several weeks now! Thank you Chick-Fil-A!

The race car’s arrive!

dsc00521      dsc00520


dsc00582  dsc00585

My lovely neighbor arrives. Thank you for joining us, Marian!


As did some people from our bread route! Thank you Elaine and Tracy for bringing your grandkids out to join in on the fun!

dsc00557      dsc00587-2


The toy car and these little ones got along very well! One of them even adjusted his mirror upon getting in just like a pro!

Storytime is always so much fun and having it outdoors was super cool!

storytime-1                storytime-2

storytime-3          storytime-4

Time to sign some books! (Thank you to everyone who bought a book, I hope you enjoy it!)

Random fun pictures!


Thank you to everyone who came out to the Chick-Fil-A in Mount Airy on Saturday  to celebrate RACE CAR DREAMS book release. We had a rip-roaring race of a day!

A special thank you to the owner of Chick-Fil-A, Chad Tidd, his wife, Reagan, their kids, Luke and Greer, for hosting the action packed event. Thank you to Chick-Fil-A marketing director, Melissa White for organizing the fun-filled day. And to the Chick-Fil-A cow for spending time with the crowd!


Thank you to the Atkins Race Team and the McCormick Race Team for bringing their real live race cars out to share with all the little race fans!

A sincere thank you to my family (Race Car’s Pit Crew!) for always being so supportive of me! I love you all!

Thanks again to my agent, Jessica Sinsheimer, my editor, Julie Matysik, my publicist, Cassie Drumm, and my publisher, Running Press Kids for making RACE CAR DREAMS  a dream come true!

Next week (Oct. 8th from 2 to 4) race car and I will be zipping across Mount Airy to Pages Books and Coffee. We hope to see you all there.

RACE CAR DREAMS Blog Party Wraps Up!

Thank you to Dionna Mann for hosting such a fun-filled, very informative blog party for RACE CAR DREAMS!

For a round up of the entire week and who’s who on the blog party, check out these links below.

DAY ONE: ME! Sharon Chriscoe http://www.dionnalmann.com/blog/race-car-dreams-blog-party-day-1-vroom

DAY TWO! My agent! Jessica Sinsheimer http://www.dionnalmann.com/blog/race-car-dreams-blog-party-day-2-vroom

DAY THREE! My illustrator! Dave Mottram http://www.dionnalmann.com/blog/race-car-dreams-blog-party-day-3-vroom

DAY FOUR! My illustrator’s agent! Anne Moore Armstrong http://www.dionnalmann.com/blog/race-car-dreams-blog-party-day-4-vroom

DAY FIVE! My editor! Julie Matysik http://www.dionnalmann.com/blog/race-car-dreams-blog-party-day-5-vroom

DAY SIX! My illustrator’s art director! Teresa Bonnaddio http://www.dionnalmann.com/blog/race-car-dreams-blog-party-day-6-vroom

DAY SEVEN! My book trailer’s creators! Mother/Daughter duo Donna and Libby Farrell http://www.dionnalmann.com/blog/race-car-dreams-blog-party-day-7-vroom

Thank you to everyone who participated! May RACE CAR DREAMS fill the sleepy dreams of many little racers every night!




RACE CAR DREAMS vrooms into Barnes & Noble in Winston Salem, NC and he is one super charged race car!

Thank you Barnes & Noble for hosting RACE CAR DREAMS book launch! Race Car, myself, and my entire family had an amazing time sharing my book, the adorable toy car, and racing some fun cars!

A look back at preparing for the BIG day!

The invites! (Thank you Donna Farrell for the wonderful design!)



Apparel! T- shirts for the pit crew! We even had one made for our soon to be Granddaughter! Can’t wait to see her in it come January!

tshirts kids-shirt baby-shirt

Check out the cool tote bag! It came it really handy for toting all the loot!


Giveaways! Goodie bags filled with stickers, tattoos, bracelets, racing flags, bookmarks, and trophies!  (Thank you to my wonderful husband for placing all the stickers on the flags and trophies for me! And helping to stuff the goodie bags!)



And posters!( Thanks you to my fantastic daughter for helping me to roll them all up for easy transport!)  

poster1     poster2

The Race Track for some super charged speed racing! 


And the TOY CAR! Isn’t he adorable!





Packed up and ready to vroom!


Before the crowd, I got some pictures with my husband, daughter, mom, nephew, and niece at my signing table.

dsc00380 table-2 table3

My sons and future daughter-in-law arrived. Now that the entire Race Car Pit Crew is here, it’s time for some more pictures of us all decked out in RACE CAR DREAMS apparel.

dsc00390   family3

More family members arrive throughout the afternoon!

dsc00406  dsc00408 famliy2

As did some wonder local author friends! Thank you Ena Jones and Stacy McAnulty for coming! It was so much fun meeting you!



READY, SET, GO! It’s Race time! The race track was a huge hit with all the kids.  

dsc00376 dsc00382 dsc00383

dsc00393 dsc00398  dsc00440

dsc00441 dsc00465

The Toy Car made for lots of fun photo ops! And was an instant attraction when shoppers entered the store.

car1 dsc00404 dsc00384

dsc00439  car2  dsc00482

Story time! (Thank you to a wonderful audience! It was so much fun sharing RACE CAR DREAMS with you all!)

reading-4 reading-3 reading-2

reading-5 reading-1 reading-8

The signing! (Thank you to everyone who bought a book! I hope you enjoy it!)

dsc00389   dsc00481   signing-2

dsc00433     dsc00475  signing-3

signing-5  dsc00469-2 dsc00396-2

signing-6  signing-7 dsc00474 signing-5

Before we left, Barnes and Noble had me sign plenty of copies that they placed an ‘autographed copy’ sticker on before I left. They plan to share RACE CAR DREAMS during story time soon! I was also invited back next year for BULLDOZER DREAMS! YAY!

They also let me take home the display posters they set up for me. Talk about a great souvenir!


THANK YOU to my amazingly supportive family for all of your love, support, and encouragement. Without you none of this would be possible. Thank you to my writer friends, near and far for always being there with me for drafts, revisions, and support. I am forever grateful to you all. Thank you to my hard-working, fearless agent, Jessica Sinsheimer for always believing in me and giving me the most amazing advice. Thank you to my editor, Julie Matysik for all of your hard work and for being such a pleasure to work with. Thank you to my publicist, Cassie Drumm for working so hard on my behave and getting lots of exposure for RACE CAR DREAMS. Thank you to my publisher, Running Press Kids for making my dream come true in acquiring the ‘vehicle dreams’ series! I look forward to many more books with you! And thank you Barnes & Noble for hosting a fun-filled book launch for me and Race Car!

Next stop for RACE CAR DREAMS on his speedy tour will be Chick-Fil-A in Mount Airy, NC. I hope to see tons of race fans there! As there will be a real, live race car joining us, too!

One last thing, Running Press Kids is still hosting a giveaway for FIVE copies of RACE CAR DREAMS over on Goodreads, so head over and enter if you haven’t already!! https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/203229-race-car-dreams?utm_content=button&utm_medium=email&utm_source=giveaway_shelved_book_29101496




Day Two of the Blog Party! And another sighting of RACE CAR DREAMS on store shelves!

Day two of the blog party features my super, awesome agent, Jessica Sinsheimer! See what she has to say in an interview with Dionna Mann. http://www.dionnalmann.com/blog/race-car-dreams-blog-party-day-2-vroom

And RACE CAR DREAMS has been spotted out in the wild by a another friend. Thank you, Diana Murray for sending me this picture of him face out on Barnes & Noble’s shelf at the Palisades Mall in West Nyack, NY! Vroom Vroom!



RACE CAR DREAMS Final Day of the Blog Tour and the first day of the Blog Party!

Race Car is closing in on the finishing lap of his blog tour today on a wonderful friends blog. Thank you Jody for joining us on the tour!! And for some awesome interview questions PLUS a giveaway.

Check out the interview, the giveaway, and hints of more books to come here https://jodyjensenshaffer.blogspot.com/2016/09/race-car-dreams-by-sharon-chriscoe.html#comment-form

And as the saying goes, as one door closes another one opens—today starts the 7 day Blog Party hosted by another great friend. Thank you Dionna! She will be featuring a different person each day that took place in bringing RACE CAR DREAMS into the world. Up first, is ME. Check out her interview with me here: http://www.dionnalmann.com/blog/race-car-dreams-blog-party-day-1-vroom