Check out what was just delivered to me from my fantastic publicist, Cassie Drumm at Running Press Kids! There are tons of posters! Enough to hand out at all three of my upcoming events! And the Meet the Author posters will be just perfect for displaying in advance of the event as well as the day of it. Thank you again, Cassie!! You guys at RPKids are amazing!

RCD posters


RACE CAR DREAMS Book Trailer Premiere

I am so excited to share the book trailer to RACE CAR DREAMS!! I am super thankful to the awesome mother/daughter duo Libby Farrell and Donna Farrell for creating the adorable trailer and for bringing Race Car alive! And for my wonderful publicist Cassie Drumm for all of her hard work and for getting the premiere of the trailer on Shelf Awareness!! And of course to my amazing agent, Jessica Sinsheimer and wonderful current editor, Julie Matysik (and previous editor, Marlo Scrimizzi who worked with me on Race Car Dreams), Thank you to all of you!!
So if you’d like to see my little Race Car in action! Check out his book trailer! Scroll down to Book Trailer of the day to see it.

I am excited to announce that RACE CAR DREAMS gets a companion book!


Last spring when my amazing agent, Jessica Sinsheimer, sold my picture book, RACE CAR DREAMS, an untitled Book Two was sold along with it. That untitled book is complete and now has a title. So without further ado, I am excited to announce that the follow-up book to RACE CAR DREAMS will be . . .


. . . BULLDOZER DREAMS!  I can’t wait to share this book with everyone in the Fall of 2017!!


And in case you’re wondering just what BULLDOZER DREAMS is about, here’s a blurb:


After a day of pushing, scooping, and clearing, a bulldozer shifts down his gears and prepares for bed. As he lifts his blade and his spotlights turn on, he rolls through the gate and heads to the Wiggle-and-Shake for a bath, the Sip-and-Slurp for a fill-up, and the Mighty-Reads Library for a bedtime story . . . and soon happy cheers fill his dreams as children swing, slide, and race on their new playground.





Kirkus Reviews RACE CAR DREAMS

Ask any writer and they’ll tell you that waiting on reviews for your book to come in is like holding your breath under water. Will they like it? Will they hate it? Will they give you a glowing review? Or rip it apart? In the world of book reviews, it’s very subjective and we just never know how it will turn out. So, when a great review comes in, it makes it that much sweeter. And when they refer to your picture book as clever, bouncy fun it puts a huge smile on your face.

I’m super excited to share this wonderful review for RACE CAR DREAMS from Kirkus. Happy reading!