My Picture Book in my hands!

Friday I received the ARC of my very first picture book to be released this September! Oh the joy of holding it in my hands for the first time. It looks fantastic and I cannot wait until this fall.

Thank you Katie Hall and Donna German from Arbordale Publishing for publishing The Sparrow and The Trees and thank you Susan Detwiler for the amazing illustrations!

another author with ARC book

5 thoughts on “My Picture Book in my hands!

  1. Oh, Sharon!! I am SO happy for you! What a joy it is to see you holding your wonderful, first picture book! 🙂 Such a lovely photo of you and your picture book – I love the outdoor setting among the trees – perfect! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful moment with us! I am so proud of you! What a blessing! Looking forward to purchasing my own copy of your book! Enjoy this amazing adventure!

    Love, Sue 🙂

  2. I am so excited for you! Thank you for sharing this milestone moment. : )

    The treesy setting matches the title perfectly, and I love this photo of you! I can hardly wait to hold your book in my hands. : )

    Whoo hoo! HUGE congrats!!

  3. Sharon, I am so very proud of you and you have such a great talent.. Love your creative books.. as your mother, I’ve always known you at your best, and just to say great to know you from the moment you came into my life.. Can’t wait till all your books are available…. Love you, keep up the good work you are blessed with…. Mom

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