SPARROW has launched! And he is one happy little bird!

Thank you Barnes and Noble for hosting THE SPARROW AND THE TREES book launch! I had a wonderful time sharing my picture book, making adorable binoculars with the kids, and signing some books!

A look back at preparing for the BIG day!

The invites: (Thank you Donna Farrell for the wonderful design!)

Barnes & Noble Invite

Craft activities! (Thank you to my wonderful husband and daughter for helping me! And thank you Sue Gagliardi for sharing your wonderful binocular making idea!)


And coloring pages from inside the book provided to me from my illustrator. (Thank you Susan!)


Treats! (Who doesn’t want a chocolate lollipop, right? and these match my book with the birds and trees!) My daughter and I made these a few days in advance. (Hint: Keep them in the refrigerator, after all they are chocolate. And chocolate melts.

pic96 pic97

The décor! (My terrific friend Sue Gagliardi sent me this tree and sparrow and my wonderful husband painted it for me. I ordered some silk fall leaves online to scatter at the base of the tree for sparrow to perch on.) I think it is a perfect addition to my signing table.


Drum roll please…

The BIG day is here!! Yippie!!!

The reading! SO much fun!


The activities! I loved interacting with the kids.

pic7 pic17 pic41 pic42


“Hey, Bentley! Do you see any birds yet?”


Stephen decided to make plenty of binoculars to hand out to his friends. So cute!

The signing!

pic23 pic21 pic5pic3 pic58

Even my sweetie of a husband waited until my book launch to have me sign his copy! Love him so much!!

Even my sweetie of a husband waited until my book launch to have me sign his copy! Love him so much!!

And Barnes and Noble had me sign plenty of copies that they placed an ‘autographed copy’ sticker on before I left. They also let me take home the display posters they set up for me. Talk about a souvenir!


Thank you everyone who shared this big day with me!

And a special thank you to my amazing husband and daughter who shared with me every step of the way. I couldn’t have done it without you!


And to my wonderful mom for always being beside me and supporting my dreams (sorry mom, I didn’t get a picture of you…I will next time, Promise!) and my great nephew, Bentley, who made the day super fun!


And thank you to my cousin’s Christy and Stephen. I am so glad you both were here to share the day with me.


My sons are just as amazing but I don’t have pictures of them, they were unable to attend but were with me in spirit…so thank you both for all of the love, support, and well wishes.

And a final THANK YOU to Jane (the events coordinator at Barnes and Noble) and Heather (my publicist) and Katie (my editor) and Arbordale (my publisher) for all of your hard work!

9 thoughts on “SPARROW has launched! And he is one happy little bird!

  1. Oh, Sharon!!! Your Book Launch for Sparrow was absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing all of these wonderful photos! You know how much I wanted to be there to celebrate with you and now I feel like I was there thanks to your beautiful post filled with all the wonderful details of your amazing day! You look so adorable sharing and signing Sparrow and interacting with the kids as they made their cute binoculars! Love the Sparrow stickers and the chocolate Sparrow and Tree pops!! The coloring pages are so beautiful! Works of art! Your display table looks so lovely and I am so happy to see the little sparrow and tree right there on your table! Love how Ricky painted the tree and the fall leaves scattered about add such a nice touch! What a joy to see you reading Sparrow in that cozy, familiar B & N story time setting! (I’ll think of you and Sparrow every time I see our local B & N story time nook! 🙂 You look so adorable reading from Sparrow! (Something about seeing you in your little sneakers reading Sparrow made me smile even more – so cute!! 🙂

    Love all your photos! The kids – and adults- all look so happy and excited – just like you! And wow! How wonderful seeing you signing your books for the little ones (and big ones)! 🙂 An author’s dream come true! I love the picture of your little guy leaning in towards the table looking at you and watching you sign his book – so precious! Even little Sparrow was looking at you 🙂 And little Stephen with all the binoculars he made for his friends and Bentley looking up through his binoculars — too cute!! And how super sweet of your husband to wait until your official Book Launch day and to wait in line like everyone else to have his copy of Sparrow signed by you! The photos of Ricky and your daughter and nephew and you are so sweet! That was so nice of B & N to give you the book launch poster – what a wonderful memento! I will be sure to share your Book Launch photos with my class this week!! Everything was perfect and I am SO happy for you!! Congratulations!!! Savor this wonderful day — with many more to come as you celebrate Sparrow’s journey out into the big, wide world!!

    love and hugs,
    Your friend,

    • Thank you so much Sue!! And thank you again for the wonderful gifts. I was honored to include them in my launch and every event afterwards. And I wish you could have been here too. Please tell your class hello for me!!!

  2. Huge congrats, Sharon! I wish I could have been there! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful photos. : ) I know you enjoyed every milestone moment, and I can tell the kids had a great time! Those lucky kids will never forget meeting you and getting a signed copy of your beautiful SPARROW!

    The decorations, treats and craft project are all fantastic, and YAY for the great support from Barnes & Noble! So nice of them to give you that awesome souvenir. : )

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