One Year Later!

April 1st may be April Fools to most people, but not to this writer. April 1st is a special day for me!

Last year, my dream came true with the official sale of RACE CAR DREAMS to the fantastic house, Running Press Kids, by my amazing agent, Jessica Sinsheimer.

This year, I have a photo that my super awesome husband, Ricky took of me holding none other than that very same picture book that Jessica sold one year ago today! And alongside Race Car is his wrench in my other hand because every good Race Car needs his trusty wrench.:)

me race car and wrench

2 thoughts on “One Year Later!

  1. Congratulations on this wonderful anniversary, Sharon! I remember that exciting day last April! : ) I can hardly wait to see RACE CAR DREAMS on the shelf at my local bookstore! YAY! Vroom vrooooom! : )

  2. Sharon, I am so happy for you!! What an amazing journey for you and Race Car! So wonderful to see you holding Race Car Dreams – and one year later!! Wow!! I am thrilled for you! Can’t wait to read Race Car Dreams and share it with little ones!! Congratulations!!

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