RACE CAR DREAMS Book Trailer Premiere

I am so excited to share the book trailer to RACE CAR DREAMS!! I am super thankful to the awesome mother/daughter duo Libby Farrell and Donna Farrell for creating the adorable trailer and for bringing Race Car alive! And for my wonderful publicist Cassie Drumm for all of her hard work and for getting the premiere of the trailer on Shelf Awareness!! And of course to my amazing agent, Jessica Sinsheimer and wonderful current editor, Julie Matysik (and previous editor, Marlo Scrimizzi who worked with me on Race Car Dreams), Thank you to all of you!!
So if you’d like to see my little Race Car in action! Check out his book trailer! Scroll down to Book Trailer of the day to see it.

4 thoughts on “RACE CAR DREAMS Book Trailer Premiere

  1. Vroom vrooooom!! I’m so excited for you, Sharon! I just tweeted out the trailer . . . it is absolutely ADORABLE! Huge congrats to you and to your amazing agent and wonderful editors! : )

  2. Sharon!! Race Car’s trailer is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen!! I tweeted out the trailer, too! 🙂 So super excited to see little Race Car vrooming into the world this Sept!! YAY!!

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