Happy Book Birthday RACE CAR DREAMS!! Plus Blog Tour Day 8! And a pre-blog party post!!

Happy Birthday RACE CAR DREAMS!! I am so happy that you are vrooming into the world for kids everywhere to enjoy!

Today is a busy day for Race Car!! Another awesome review as he zips and zooms around on his blog tour! Sandy Brehl lists RACE CAR DREAMS alongside GOODNIGHT, GOODNIGHT CONSTRUCTION SITE, STEAM TRAIN, DREAM TRAIN, and 10 LITTLE NINJAS!

Check out her review here! http://unpackingpicturebookpower.blogspot.com/

And my host for Race Car’s blog party (from Sept. 16th through 22nd) posted a special pre-blog party wishing RACE CAR DREAMS a Happy Birthday!! Thank you so much Dionna! Check out her pre-party post here! http://www.dionnalmann.com/blog/race-car-dreams-revs-its-little-engine-launches-its-wheels-on-published-pavement


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