RACE CAR DREAMS Blog Party Wraps Up!

Thank you to Dionna Mann for hosting such a fun-filled, very informative blog party for RACE CAR DREAMS!

For a round up of the entire week and who’s who on the blog party, check out these links below.

DAY ONE: ME! Sharon Chriscoe http://www.dionnalmann.com/blog/race-car-dreams-blog-party-day-1-vroom

DAY TWO! My agent! Jessica Sinsheimer http://www.dionnalmann.com/blog/race-car-dreams-blog-party-day-2-vroom

DAY THREE! My illustrator! Dave Mottram http://www.dionnalmann.com/blog/race-car-dreams-blog-party-day-3-vroom

DAY FOUR! My illustrator’s agent! Anne Moore Armstrong http://www.dionnalmann.com/blog/race-car-dreams-blog-party-day-4-vroom

DAY FIVE! My editor! Julie Matysik http://www.dionnalmann.com/blog/race-car-dreams-blog-party-day-5-vroom

DAY SIX! My illustrator’s art director! Teresa Bonnaddio http://www.dionnalmann.com/blog/race-car-dreams-blog-party-day-6-vroom

DAY SEVEN! My book trailer’s creators! Mother/Daughter duo Donna and Libby Farrell http://www.dionnalmann.com/blog/race-car-dreams-blog-party-day-7-vroom

Thank you to everyone who participated! May RACE CAR DREAMS fill the sleepy dreams of many little racers every night!




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