RACE CAR DREAMS cruises with the cool cars!

RACE CAR DREAMS races into Pages Books and Coffee during Mayberry Cool Cars and Rods Cruise In and he was one super sharp ride!

Check him out as he cruises alongside some of Mayberry’s cool cars! I do believe Race Car is in the lead!


Now it’s time for Race Car to get back to business.



Race Car’s pit crew under the Pages Books and Coffee sign!


Racer’s start your engines!!


Race Car gets a tiny visitor along with his big brother, who shows him how to honk the horn!

Time to sign some books!



Race Car! Race Car! Race Car! All around me!


And it’s never too late for that last-minute sell before you leave!


Random fun pictures of the cool cars of Mayberry!



The Chriscoe guys checking out a friend’s cool car!



A very special cool car!

Some more very special cool cars and a cool truck!

rickys-car   daniels-car   richies-truck


Vroom Vroom! Let’s race!

Thank you to Sandy (the owner of Pages Books and Coffee) for hosting Race Car and I for a very cool afternoon.

Thank you to my family (Race Car’s Pit Crew!) for traveling with Race Car and me during our book tour, I love you all!

Thanks again to my agent, Jessica Sinsheimer, my editor, Julie Matysik, my publicist, Cassie Drumm, and my publisher, Running Press Kids for making RACE CAR DREAMS a dream come true!

That’s it for Race Car’s book tour. Thanks to everyone who has followed along. I hope you’ve had a vrooming good time!

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