RACE CAR DREAMS vrooms to school!

RACE CAR DREAMS vrooms into Cedar Ridge Elementary for a super fun visit with 61 kindergarteners!

But before he zipped and zoomed his way to school, there was lots of preparing to be done!

There were prize goodie bags to be made! (Thank you to my ever so patient husband, Ricky for placing the stickers on the trophies and assembling the goodie bags with the trophies, tattoos, and bookmarks!)


Coloring sheets for all of the amazing kiddos to be printed!


And what better way to end a visit than with a game! (Here’s some snapshots of the power point game Race Car and I created!)

img_3238 img_3240 img_3241




Packed up . . .


. . . and ready to vroom!


Race Car’s visit began with us chatting with the kids about authors, illustrators, book covers, titles, and favorites (books, toys and snacks!)

img_3287  img_3308

BTW, the number one snack before bed for the kids was ice cream, which left me to asking them if they ever sleep. 🙂

After some fun chats, it was story time! And boy, these kids clung onto EVERY word! and blew Race Car and me away with their attention to details of the illustrations.


After story time, it was time to drive the crowd wild! And by wild, I mean flag waving, cheering, and yes . . . even jumping to their feet wild with NAME THAT CAR PART game! (Sorry to the little boy who wanted to drive a real race car after story time. I do hope the game was ‘almost’ as fun as driving a race car!)

img_3329     img_3334

With the kids broke into two groups, and lots of questions asked



Hi there, Race Car! Don’t you look cute up on the big screen!


(and ALL of them answered!) we were neck and neck. Much back and forth of each team in the lead, finally ended in a dead heat tie! Where Race Car and I asked the kids for their opinion on what we should do in the case of a tie. The kids had lots of super fun ideas and they all most certainly would have worked but . . . .

. . .at Race Way Race Track EVERY kid is a winner! SO THEY ALL GOT A PRIZE! Goodie bags filled with fun stuff and a coloring sheet of Race Car holding his first place trophy capped off one of the most fun days Race Car and I could have ever hoped for! Oh! And did I mention that our visit landed on WACKY DAY!! Oh My Goodness the kids all looked soooo adorable in all of their wackiness!! Race Car and I loved it!

img_3337   img_3352

THANK YOU to all of the wonderfully smart kindergarteners at Cedar Ridge Elementary for a memorable, fun day. Thank you to Mrs. Talbott for arranging our visit. Thank you to Cedar Ridge Elementary School’s teachers for assisting our visit, and for the principal for hosting us. Thank you to my mom for tagging along with us for fun, support, and picture taking. Thank you to Bentley (my nephew) for having a cool school for Race Car and I to visit. Thank you to my husband and children for always supporting me and helping me wherever I need it. Thank you to my new granddaughter for being such a joy in my life (I know you’re too young to help right now, but soon my dear sweetie, soon). Thank you to Sarah Floyd (AKA Grammar Girl!), my dear friend who always makes me look smart. Thank you to my amazing agent, Jessica Sinsheimer, my wonderful editor, Julie Matysik, and my awesome publisher, Running Press Kids. Race Car and I are truly blessed.



One thought on “RACE CAR DREAMS vrooms to school!

  1. So excited for the lucky students and teachers who got to visit with you and Race Car! Loved the photos!!

    Thanks for the shout-out, Sharon. And backatcha–you help me in countless ways, in writing and in life. xo

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