Race Car gets a VERY special visitor!!

Race Car was so excited for my 4 1/2 month old adorable grandbaby Sophia Madelyn to join him today. He’s been waiting ever since she was born to take her for a spin. We explained to him that he had to wait until she was big enough to sit up in him.

toycar 4 toycar 3 toy car 2

toy car1

Race Car, Sophia, and her mommy,Cherylenna taking a break from the track!



rcd and papa

Race Car, Sophia, her mommy, Cherylenna, and her Papa, Ricky revving him back up for another spin!


Isn’t Sophia just the most precious, adorable baby EVER sporting her little RACE CAR DREAMS onesie.



And her kitty cat, Kracker joining in on the fun!


The perfect way to end a race day is with a fun story and a friend. Nana loves you with all her heart, Sophia!!

rcd book2  rcd book


7 thoughts on “Race Car gets a VERY special visitor!!

  1. And look at that huge smile on Race Car’s face! You can tell in knows how lucky he is! Sophia is an absolute doll!

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