Kirkus Reviews Bulldozer Dreams!

Bulldozer Dreams gets his first review!! And Kirkus predicts Construction fans are bound to find him. I do believe we both agree!!


Do bulldozers dream of electric sheep? Philip K. Dick’s might, but this bulldozer has less outré dreams.

In this follow-up to Race Car Dreams (2016), the sun sets and a busy little bulldozer screeches to a halt. The ground suitably leveled, he heads home, making a pit stop at a car wash and a gas station for his rumbly tummy. After picking out a book from the library (note the forklift librarian), he finally snuggles down with his orange pylon toy and dreams of the playground that will come to pass, filled with romping kids. In this world of anthropomorphic vehicles, these are the first and last humans readers ever lay eyes on. Heavy-equipment–loving kids are no strangers to beddy-bye construction tales, but there is a kind of comfort to be found in watching the bulldozer systematically go through all the nighttime steps, from bathing to a story to a snack. Brightly colored digital art paints the cooling of the day into an array of hues as the sun sinks into the horizon.

Construction fans are bound to locate this one. Other readers need not apply. (Picture book. 3-6)

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