Prelaunch Prep Begins!

Bulldozer and I will be filling these loot bags with postcards (Thanks to my awesome publisher!), tattoos, adorable buttons, and a special surprise that we’ll unveil in tomorrow’s post.

loot bags button lots of buttons

Looks like Bulldozer won’t be the only thing crashing into Chick Fil A this fall. He’ll be bringing with him a mini dozer piñata for the kids to bump, crash, and bang on to get to the yummy loot inside!

pinanta 1  pinanta 2 pinata 3

And for our bookstore events, this bulldozer shaped cookie cutter will work perfectly for creating some really cool crafts! More on that in a future post as well.

cookie cutter

Stay tuned as Bulldozer, myself, and my family keep busy with prelaunch preparations. Bulldozer and I will be sharing lots of fun prelaunch stuff as well as launch events. Last year, we did a toy car for Race Car Dreams’ release. This year, we’re doing a really cool remote control Bulldozer! Be sure to check out the Bulldozer’s Transformation tab above for the super cool details!

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