BULLDOZER and RACE CAR together under one awesome bookstore roof!

Thank you Bookmarks Bookstore for hosting a fun storytime for BULLDOZER DREAMS! And for inviting his good pal RACE CAR DREAMS to vroom alongside him! My family and I had such a wonderful time with the huge crowd of book loving kiddos!


The calm before the fun!


Bookmarks nook

I love this storytime section!


My adorable granddaughter, Sophia patiently waits for storytime to begin.


Thankfully she had her equally adorable cousin, Sidney to share that waiting time with. Together the two of them enjoyed a ton of books. Bookmarks is FULL of awesome distractions!


YAY! Finally, STORYTIME begins!! Where I shared both BULLDOZER DREAMS and RACE CAR DREAMS with a huge crowd of over 40 super smart kiddos, who asked some of the most clever questions! One little boy wanted to know why Bulldozer was so fat! lol My answer: He ate too many cookies! Ha, yes, I believe Christmas is still in my heart.

(Per the daycare rules that attended storytime, I’m not allowed to share photos of them online. But here’s a few of me reading to them. Thank you to such a wonderful audience!)

After storytime, coloring sheets and goodie bags were handed out to everyone!

Little Dakota wasted no time getting her BULLDOZER DREAMS and RACE CAR DREAMS buttons pinned on her. Isn’t she cute!! Thank you, Dakota for sporting the ‘vehicle dreams’ buttons so awesomely!


Before leaving I signed lots of books! Autographed copies are available at Bookmarks Bookstore in Winston Salem, NC. And online through their website Bookmarks Bookstore


Thank you to my daughter, Cherylenna, my granddaughter, Sophia, my mom, Charlotte, and my great-niece, Sidney for crunching along with me for a wonderful fun-filled morning! I love you all.


And thank you to Jamie Rogers Southern for arranging my visit. We had a blast and can’t wait to return this fall with the third book in the series, FIRE TRUCK DREAMS! (Releasing October 9, 2018!) Be on the lookout for details about FIRE TRUCK DREAMS (including his super cute cover!) soon!