FIRE TRUCK DREAMS prelaunch daycare visit!

With less than one week before release, Fire Truck and I just couldn’t keep his sirens quiet any longer. SO . . .

we sounded his alarm and headed off to First Step Child Care Center to share his story with the little firefighters at my granddaughter Sophia’s daycare.

But first! Sophia insisted she tidy up the story time area. She’s quite the little helper.
And well, if you knew how rambunctious Sophia is, you’d understand the hard hat.
Oops! See, that’s why her mom and I gave her two.

Now that the story time area is all tidy, it’s time to have some Fire Truck fun!

These kids were such a great audience. They asked some fun questions, followed along with the story, and even spotted the Dalmatian on every single page. Good job, kids!

My sweet Sophia decided to join me for the big ta-da ending. Nana loves you, Sophia.

With story time wrapped up, we ended the morning with singing I’M A LITTLE FIRE TRUCK.

These kids have such awesome singing voices!

Thank you First Step Child Care Center for inviting us for a visit! We had a blast!

A special thank you to my daughter, Cherylenna and my granddaughter, Sophia for sharing this wonderful day with me.

Be sure to stay tuned next week for FIRE TRUCK DREAMS release day surprise! It’s going to be fantastic!!

Next stop, October 10th we travel to Cameron Elementary for a super charged visit with 90 kindergarteners and first graders. Ding! Ding! Ding!

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