FIRE TRUCK DREAMS blazes into Bookmarks Bookstore!

And boy does this awesome bookstore know how to welcome an author!

Check out that fire truck on the sign!

After some fun chatting with the super nice staff at Bookmarks, it was time to get a family photo.
BM family 2
Just one more, Sophia.

"Come on, Nana, let's get this storytime started."

“Come on, Nana, let’s get this storytime started.”

Once the crowd arrived (and we had a nice crowd! YAY!) it was time to share FIRE TRUCK DREAMS! He was a big hit!!

To mark the occasion, my sweet granddaughter, Sophia came dressed for the part. She makes such a cute little Dalmatian!
BM sophia doggie 3

With story time complete, it was time to dig in and make some fire trucks of their own! These kids were so talented! Possibly some future illustrators at work!

Thank you, Bookmarks Bookstore for a wonderful day!
And a special thank you to my husband, mom, daughter, and granddaughter for sharing this special day with me.
Next stop, Mount Pilot Child Enrichment Center to share FIRE TRUCK DREAMS with 44 adorable preschoolers! Fire Truck and I can’t wait!

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