This was the theme of my first school visit to my granddaughter Sophia’s school March 1, 2023 and boy was it a fun one!

Sophia and I began preparing for the visit weeks in advance.

After all, we did have 126 gift bags to fill!

And a felt board to make (which I left with Millennium Charter Academy). Hooray! It was a huge hit with the teachers and students.

The BIG day began with a sweet hug from Sophia. Talk about making this Nana’s heart full of joy!

These Kindergarten and First Graders were so well behaved as the teachers got them settled in.

Then the race was off for a fun-filled day of laughs, cheers, sharing, and learning!

First, there was the introduction!

Then, a quick test of how smart these students were… which they ACED!

Followed by me sharing the three elements of writing a book (CHARACTER, PROBLEM, SOLUTION)…

and a little surprise visitor! (Thank you to my husband, Ricky and daughter, Cherylenna for doing the big reveal!)

Afterwards it was time to share my books RACE CAR DREAMS. I am happy to say he was a WINNER!

Next the students participated in a fun game of True or False. (again, these students were so sharp! They answered every single one correct!)

(Thank you to my helpers! You did a great job!)

And then it was time for the students to put what they’d learned to work. We used the felt board and the voting process for choosing a character, a problem, and a solution for the students to write their own book later during class.

I can’t wait to learn about the cat who lost their toy and then found it!

Finally, it was time to say goodbye. But not before getting some amazing class photos!

Thank you to the students and staff at Millennium Charter Academy for inviting me into your school! I had a wonderful time!

Thank you to my sweet granddaughter, Sophia and my wonderful husband, Ricky and daughter, Cherylenna for sharing this memorable day with me. I love you all SO much!