Bulldozer rolls into another daycare!

Sophia’s daycare! And she’s pretty excited to give him the grand tour!

During our visit, we gave out lots of goodie bags filled with all things Bulldozer! Bulldozer LOVES giving out goodies to adorable, book-loving kids!

IMG_4187     IMG_4193

Then, we had a wonderful story time . . .

a Bulldozer themed song . . .



. . . and lots of fun conversation (kids do say the cutest things) and the SWEETEST hugs!

Thank you to my wonderful daughter, Cherylenna and adorable granddaughter, Sophia for joining Bulldozer and me today. And thank you to DiAnna Wilson and Natasha Thompson at First Step Child Care for inviting us to come in for story time and fun.

Bulldozer rolls into his first daycare!

And we had a super fun time!

A look back at preparing for story time with 57 book loving kiddos.



Every kid received one of these bright orange bags filled with all things Bulldozer!


Packed up and ready to roll!

IMG_4193             IMG_4198

During our visit, we had story time, songs, and lots of fun play!! A few pictures from our visit!

mt pilot daycare 3          mt pilot daycare 2

mt pilot daycare 4    mt pilot daycare 1

Thank you to my wonderful daughter, Cherylenna and adorable granddaughter, Sophia for going with Bulldozer and me today. And thank you to Wendi Bennett of Mount Pilot Child Enrichment Center for inviting us to come in for story time and fun.





It’s one of the most fun days there is for an author. It’s that day that when their sweet book baby sets out into the world to find lots of little boys and girls to entertain. It’s that day when (we hope!) parents, grandparents, librarians, and all sorts of shoppers fall in love with our cover, our title, our story and just have to buy it for that special little one in their lives.

It’s that day, when we celebrate our book’s birthday, and for BULLDOZER DREAMS, that day is TODAY!!

Happy Birthday BULLDOZER DREAMS!!.

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BULLDOZER DREAMS is Amazon’s #1 New Release!!

Whoo hoo!! Crunch, crunch, crunch! Bulldozer is at the top of Amazon’s New Release for Children’s Construction Vehicle Books!! Check him out! I think he looks super cool with that Amazon badge next to all of his cuteness.

Bulldozer amazon #1 release


Bulldozer amazon #1 release2

And that’s not all! BULLDOZER DREAMS is my October Picture Book Pick of the Month (of course he is, right! :)) For some fun info about the book, the author (me!), as well as a picture of the cover and two of my favorite page spreads, click on the link above (Picture Book Pick of the Month), then BULLDOZER DREAMS (which is October 2017’s pick). And don’t forget to enter for the giveaway!