It’s here! It’s here! The BIG day is here. . .

WELCOME HOME BULLDOZER!!! We’ve missed you so much! We know you’ve missed us, too.

The little toy dozer—mighty and strong.
Decided to bring his new friends along.



Cone 1 and Cone 2 are super excited to join the fun!


Then, like any professional construction equipment, he wastes no time getting down to business. 

He punches his clutch. Sophia takes charge.
No job is too small. No job is too large.

sophia and dozer 3

He revs up his motor. Pushing through rocks.
He scoops them up high and stacks them like blocks. 

dozer final blog 2

It’s time for a break. The dozing’s all done.
He lifts up his blade. His spotlights flash on.

He nuzzles his cones. They nestle in tight.
He chooses their book they’ll read for the night.
Exhausted from play, they’ve made a great team.
They sprawl on the floor. They drift to a dream!

Now that Bulldozer has been completely transformed to represent the main character in BULLDOZER DREAMS, he’s revved up and ready to have some fun! If you’re in Mount Airy, NC, Winston Salem, NC, or Pilot Mountain, NC be sure to stop by one of these locations for some rip roaring, bulldozing, super fun events. Hope to see you there!