On my last post, we left BULLDOZER with our friends, Tony and Crystal Atkins at Tony’s Restoration & Collision Repairs for a little TLC.

And A WHOLE LOT of cuteness!
But before the cuteness could begin, he needed to be prepped.

SO . . .
He heads to the booth to get super cute.
He twists and he turns. He gives a slight toot.

He exits the booth. He’s shiny and bright.
He sits on the railing to dry overnight.

When morning arrives, it brings a surprise.
The little toy dozer now has him some eyes!

How cute and adorable is that!! BULLDOZER, we love you and can’t wait for you to return home next week!

A big thank you to Tony, Crystal, and all those at Tony’s Restoration & Collision Repairs for taking great care of our little dozer. Stay tuned for the next update in BULLDOZER’S exciting transformation! There’s still lots more in store for this little cutie.

BULLDOZER DREAMS released Oct. 3rd and is currently listed as Amazon’s #1 New Release for Children’s Construction Vehicle Books!! And if that isn’t exciting enough, we got word that Target will stocking him in their stores sometime next week. We can’t wait to see him crunch around on those Target shelves!!