Crunch. . . crunch. . . CRUNCH!!!!

Hooray for King R/C Hobbytown!! They fixed the remote control to the little dozer!

King RC HobbyTown

And being the kids at heart that Ricky and I are, we didn’t waste one single second to turn him on and get him dozing. While he was rocking and rolling (yes! He plays music which was quite the pleasant surprise!) he got a very curious visitor, who wasn’t quite sure about him.


Kracker and the dozer2

Kracker meet your new pal, Bulldozer. No! No! Please don’t hiss at him!


And one very, VERY special visitor who took to the controller like a true pro. 


little dozer and Sophia

GO SOPHIA!! Bulldozer loves you!!


Once the visits were over, it was time for the little dozer to get down to business.

Blade up!

blade going down

Blade down!

blade up

 In pursuit to find a pile of rocks!!

blade down

Now that the little dozer is up and running, literally, it’s time to get him even more cute and adorable than he already is. He’s off to Tony’s Restoration & Collision Repairs to get his decals and to turn him into BULLDOZER.


paint shop

BULLDOZER’S home for the next couple of weeks. *sniff sniff* We miss you little dozer. Hurry home!


Stay tuned for the next update in BULLDOZER’S exciting transformation!

BULLDOZER DREAMS releases in ONE week!! (Oct. 3rd) and will be in bookstores and Target then! But he’s available for Preorder now everywhere books are sold. I can’t wait until he’s out in the world next to his pal RACE CAR DREAMS (released 2016) and is available everywhere now.