Prelaunch prep begins!

Bulldozer and I will be filling these loot bags with bookmarks (Thanks to my awesome publisher!), tattoos, adorable buttons, and a special surprise that we’ll unveil in a future post.

loot bags button lots of buttons

Looks like Bulldozer won’t be the only thing crashing into Chick Fil A this fall. He’ll be bringing with him a mini dozer piñata for the kids to bump, crash, and bang on to get to the yummy loot inside!

pinanta 1  pinanta 2 pinata 3

And for our bookstore events, this bulldozer shaped cookie cutter will work perfectly for creating some really cool crafts! More on that in a future post as well.

cookie cutter

Stay tuned as Bulldozer, myself, and my family keep busy with prelaunch preparations. We’ll be sharing lots of fun stuff along the way.  Last year, we did a toy car for Race Car Dreams’ release. This year, we also have a really cool surprise in store for Bulldozer!