HE’S HERE!! The toy fire truck is HERE!!
Welcome to the family little guy!!

The stuffing is in. The stitches are done.
The toy fire truck is ready for fun!
His doggie on board. His bucket pulled close.
Two sweet little eyes and tiny cute nose.


Alarms start to blare. There’s trouble nearby!
His grill sniffs the air. There’s smoke in the sky!
He zooms to the fire, sporting his name
plushie name
and quickly put out a very large flame.

All quiet and safe. It’s time to reveal.
Hold on to your hats. Get ready to squeal!
He’s adorably soft. Ready to touch.
Welcome toy plushie! I love you so much!

plushie 2
plushie frontlarge
Awww! Fire Truck’s had a big day of putting out raging brush fires and rescuing kittens from trees. I’m so glad he now has his very own plushie to snuggle to sleep with.
Good night, Fire Truck and goodnight Plushie. Sweet dreams.
plushie and book asleep
Thank you to Budsies for creating my one of a kind adorable Plushie Fire Truck!