Fire Truck and I recently received an update on our top secret toy and things are getting VERY exciting!!

It won’t be long, now!!

Here’s the next hint!

Filled with stuffing,
huggable fun.
Soft and cuddly,
he’s almost done!

Stay tuned for more hints on what toy we are creating! And how you can win autographed copies of FIRE TRUCK DREAMS, his friends, and some super cool swag!

*GIVEAWAY ALERT* If you pre-order FIRE TRUCK DREAMS, be sure to email me at and let me know you’ve pre-ordered so you’ll be entered for a chance to win the grand prize. Details of the grand prize is in the pre-order link campaign here.

Want one of these FIRE TRUCK DREAMS bookmark? Simply email me at and let me know where to mail and how many you’d like.
Bookmarks together


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