FIRE TRUCK DREAMS rolls into Cameron Elementary!

Fire Truck, Ricky, and I left before dawn and traveled two hours to beautiful Cameron, NC.

And wow! Did we have FUN!!

But before the fun could begin with the kids, there was a lot of books to be signed. And by a lot, I do mean A LOT! Over 100 in all!!

Starting line!
cameron elem sign before
Finish line!
cameron elem sign after

With all of the kid’s books signed, it was time to introduce myself and talk with the kids a little about what authors do, where they can write, and the different kinds of words that go inside of books.
cameron intro

Then . . . it was time to share FIRE TRUCK DREAMS!

cameron story time

He was a blazing hit! The kids loved him and listened so well! Such a smart group of kids.

After we talked a bit more, it was time to play a fun game of TRUE OR FALSE. These kids continued to amaze me at how smart they are. They truly paid attention and got every single question right! GO CAMERON ELEMENTARY!

Also, a huge thank you to my two helpers. You both were fantastic!

With story time and the game complete, it was time to say goodbye, then line up for each and every one of the Kindergartens and First Graders to get their own signed copy of FIRE TRUCK DREAMS to take home with them, courtesy of this awesome school! How cool is that! Cameron Elementary definitely knows how to instill the love of reading in a kids hearts! The more excited kids are about books, the more they will love reading books.
cameron getting books

But wait, the day wasn’t over yet!
Not only did the kids get to hear FIRE TRUCK DREAMS and get their own FIRE TRUCK DREAMS book, they also got to see a REAL fire truck!
cameron with books and fire truck
Aren’t they adorable with their books in hand!

My day wasn’t over yet, either. Angie Tally from The Country Bookshop, my host for the day, invited us back to her amazing store which is in nearby Southern Pines. It is such a fantastic bookstore! I wish we lived closer so I could visit every day!
country bookshop
Here is where I got to leave my mark on The Country Bookshop’s author/illustrator table alongside of Shannon Hale, Loren Long, and many other amazing authors and illustrators! I feel so honored to be a part of something so wonderful!

A moment of thank you’s:
Thank you Cameron Elementary for inviting me to visit your terrific kids. Thank you Cameron Elementary kids for a wonderful visit. Thank you Angie Tally and The Country Bookshop for hosting my visit. Thank you Valerie Howlett (RPKids publicist) for arranging my visit. Thank you Julie Matysik (RPKids editor) for loving Fire Truck Dreams as much as I do. Thank you Jessica Sinsheimer (my awesome agent!) for your support, encouragement, guidance, and friendship. Thank you Sarah Floyd (my amazing friend) for always being there for me and helping me to prepare for my visit.
And a special thank you to Ricky (my super supportive husband) for traveling two hours each way with me and for always encouraging me to dream big.


There’s a new fire truck book that can’t be beat! (Well, at least this author sure hopes not! 😊)

Welcome to the world, FIRE TRUCK DREAMS! I hope you enjoy your journey into kids hearts everywhere.

A fire truck has had a big day of putting out fires and saving kittens, and now it’s time to sleep. After making sure all is quiet and safe, he rolls back into the station for a shower, swishes and swigs a bedtime refreshment, and settles in with a bedtime story. But a hero’s job is never done, and the fire truck dreams of taming a ferocious campfire and celebrating the end of his exciting day with s’mores!

And as a birthday celebration surprise! Here’s a link to the adorable #KIDTIMESTORYTIME you tube channel reading of FIRE TRUCK DREAMS! Thank you, Running Press Kids for making this happen and thank you Eileen, the Story Teller for doing such an amazing job reading him. Fuchsia Fish and Olivia Ostrich are adorable!

FIRE TRUCK DREAMS prelaunch daycare visit!

With less than one week before release, Fire Truck and I just couldn’t keep his sirens quiet any longer. SO . . .

we sounded his alarm and headed off to First Step Child Care Center to share his story with the little firefighters at my granddaughter Sophia’s daycare.

But first! Sophia insisted she tidy up the story time area. She’s quite the little helper.
And well, if you knew how rambunctious Sophia is, you’d understand the hard hat.
Oops! See, that’s why her mom and I gave her two.

Now that the story time area is all tidy, it’s time to have some Fire Truck fun!

These kids were such a great audience. They asked some fun questions, followed along with the story, and even spotted the Dalmatian on every single page. Good job, kids!

My sweet Sophia decided to join me for the big ta-da ending. Nana loves you, Sophia.

With story time wrapped up, we ended the morning with singing I’M A LITTLE FIRE TRUCK.

These kids have such awesome singing voices!

Thank you First Step Child Care Center for inviting us for a visit! We had a blast!

A special thank you to my daughter, Cherylenna and my granddaughter, Sophia for sharing this wonderful day with me.

Be sure to stay tuned next week for FIRE TRUCK DREAMS release day surprise! It’s going to be fantastic!!

Next stop, October 10th we travel to Cameron Elementary for a super charged visit with 90 kindergarteners and first graders. Ding! Ding! Ding!

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Sound the fire alarms now because there’s ONLY thirty-days left until . . .

. . .this adorable little fire truck rolls into the world!
Fire Truck image

But my granddaughter, Sophia says that’s too long, so she took a seat on her giant owl stuffie and waited patiently for me to read it to her. Aren’t they adorable!

Sophia with Fire Truck

And to mark the thirty days until release celebration, all month long, I’ll be mailing bookmarks to anyone who’d like one. All you have to do is email me your address and how many you’d like to
Here’s a peek at them ahead of your delivery.

Bookmarks together
And don’t forget, you have until 11:59 PM on October, 8th 2018 to pre-order your copy of Fire Truck Dream to be entered into the grand prize giveaway next month as well as getting some really cool swag. Details below and feel free to share this post anywhere you’d like.

FIRE TRUCK DREAMS Pre-Order Campaign Details

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