A fun filled day at the library!

Crunch . . . vroom . . . tweet!!

Bulldozer, Race Car, and Sparrow ALL THREE joined me and lots of awesome book loving kiddos at Charles Stone Memorial Library in Pilot Mountain, NC and we had a crunching, vrooming, tweeting good time!!

Like all awesome story times at a library, we began with story time! Since Bulldozer is the baby, he got to go first, because we all know that’s the way it works, right. 🙂


After Bulldozer’s story time we sang The Tracks on the Dozer. I think the beep, beep, beep part of the song was their favorite. I know Bulldozer sure does love to beep his horn! So, it was a perfect match.

Next up was Bulldozer’s good pal, Race Car! And there were a couple of little ones who seemed to be big race car fans!.


After Race Car’s turn, we sped up to the tune of The Teensy Tinsy Race Car, and it had the kids zipping and zooming all the way to first place!

To wrap up a fun filled awesome story time, Papa Sparrow joined me with his subtle message of kindness.


Then, we sang I’m a Little Sparrow. Sparrow loved seeing the kids fluttering their wings (arms) like him.

What better way to touch a kid’s heart than with lots of books AND COOKIES!!

These weren’t just any cookies either! They had their choice of either a Bulldozer, a Race Car, or a Sparrow.

IMG_4723 (2)
Decorating them was a huge hit!

Yummo! So was EATING THE COOKIES!! (Disclosure: I am NOT at fault for the sugar rush your kids had once they left. 🙂 )

And of course, Bulldozer, Race Car, and Sparrow were more than happy to help me sign some books! (Thank you to all those who bought a book! I hope you and your little ones enjoy them!)

A huge thank you to Diane Blakemore for inviting me and my books to the Charles Stone Memorial Library. We had such a wonderful time!



Wait, Sophia until we snap the picture before you topple Race Car over!!



Hehe, nevermind! Over goes Race Car. 🙂

A special thank you to my adorable granddaughter (check her out with ALL three of her Nana’s books!) and to my mom for joining me for a wonderful event.

And thank you to The Cupcake Tree in Mount Airy, NC for baking the delicious cookies for the kids to decorate!

The Cupcake Tree

Next up for Bulldozer, Race Car, and Sparrow is First Step Child Care Winter Celebration in Germanton, NC on Dec. 9th from 10 until 2. Hope to see you there. Also, check out my website for where I’ll be in 2018!

All three of my books are available online and in bookstores, AND BULLDOZER DREAMS is available in Target!



BULLDOZER DREAMS crunches into Barnes & Noble in Winston Salem, NC!

Thank you Barnes & Noble for hosting a wonderful BULLDOZER DREAMS event! Bulldozer, myself, and my family had an amazing time sharing my book and meeting book-loving people!

Packed up and ready to roll!

packed up bn

Hi, little dozer! I see you peeping down at those cookies on the bottom!

Barnes and Noble! We’re here!! Crunch! Crunch! CRUNCH!

My adorable granddaughter, Sophia helps me settle into my table.

BN table

Thank you, Sophia! Nana loves you!

And soon she’s distracted by her cousin’s Bentley and Sidney.


They’re much more fun to play with than Nana. But shh…. I’m pretending she isn’t thinking that. 🙂

After meeting with some shoppers and having some great chats, it’s time for storytime. Everyone loves storytime, right! And Barnes & Noble’s stage is amazing! Check out that background!

The perfect way to wrap up an event . . . signing some books!

Don’t forget your cookies! Bulldozer and I baked them ourselves! CRUNCH!

cookies 3

A sincere thank you to my wonderful family for joining Bulldozer and me and for always supporting me! I love you all!

And thank you to my agent, Jessica Sinsheimer, my editor, Julie Matysik, my publicist, Valerie Howlett, and my publisher, Running Press Kids for making BULLDOZER DREAMS a dream come true!
Next up for Bulldozer and I is the Charles Stone Memorial Library in Pilot Mountain, NC on November 21st at 10:00 AM. I’ll be reading from ALL three of my books, singing fun songs, and bringing MORE cookies! Hope to see you there!






What do you get when a super cute bulldozer, a remote control bulldozer, a pinata, yummy chicken, and a cow meet up in one spot?
A BULLDOZER DREAMS at Chick-Fil-A crunching, crashing, booming good time!

A recap of the prep work ahead of the event!


A recap of the day! The awesome sign Chick-Fil-A has had on display for several weeks now! Thank you Chick-Fil-A!


Can anyone say MOOoooo! A little family fun photos with the Chick Fil A cow!

Time to test drive the little toy dozer! These kiddos (and Sophia’s Papa) were more than happy to shift those gears!

Story time is always a lot of fun, but having an outdoor story time made it super cool (and hot, it was a very warm day in NC for October)!

What better way to end story time then with a lot of kids with sticks who want the candy inside the bulldozer piñata! Whack a way, kiddos! Go get that candy!!

With all the excitement (and sugar rush!) coming to a close, it’s time to sign some books! Thank you to everyone who bought a copy of BULLDOZER DREAMS (or one of my other books)! I truly appreciate your support.

After his fun-filled super busy day down on the Chick Fil A site, Bulldozer decided it was time to nuzzle with his cones under a blanket and take a nap! I think he’s got the right idea! Naps are GOOD! Sweet dreams, little dozer! 🙂


A special thank you to the owner of Chick-Fil-A, Chad Tidd, and marketing director, Melissa White for organizing the fun-filled day. And to the Chick-Fil-A cow for spending time with the crowd!

Thank you to my agent, Jessica Sinsheimer, my editor, Julie Matysik, my publicist, Valerie Howlett, and my publisher, Running Press Kids for making BULLDOZER DREAMS a dream come true!

A sincere thank you to my wonderful family and friends for always being so supportive of me! I love you all!

Next week (Oct. 28th from 3 to 5) Bulldozer and I will be crashing into Winston Salem Barnes & Noble, and there will be cookies! Bulldozer shaped cookies! So we hope you can join in on the fun!