PRUDENCE THE PART-TIME COW (June 2017’s Pick PLUS a Giveaway!)




Author:          Jody Jensen Shaffer

Illustrator:    Stephanie Laberis

Publisher:      Henry Holt Children’s Books

 ISBN:              9781627796156

Release Date:             June 13, 2017


All about it:  

Prudence looks like a full-time cow—she wanders through pastures, she swats flies, and she lines up for supper. But Prudence is a part-time cow—she is also a scientist, an architect, and an inventor, studying and building and dreaming and creating. To the other cows in the herd, Prudence is a bit too part-time. At first Prudence tries to fit in, suppressing all her scientific smarts and imaginative inventing. But in a moment of inspiration—Cow Power!—Prudence realizes how to show the others that she can be a part-time cow and a full-time member of the herd. [description from publisher’s website] 


Opening lines:          

Prudence looked like a full-time cow.

She wandered through pastures.

She swatted flies.                                   

And when the farmer rang the dinner bell—clang-a-lang-a-lang!—Prudence

lumbered to the hay bales like the rest of the herd.


Favorite page spread:


What will kids (and adults) take away after they’ve read it:      

Sometimes one of the hardest things in life (for kids and adults) is realizing you’re not exactly like those around you. That realization may make you think you’re not okay or that you should change who you are. I hope after reading PRUDENCE, kids will see that they can be true to themselves and have friends.


About the author:

Jody Shaffer

Jody Jensen Shaffer is an award-winning children’s poet and author. She’s written over 30 books about everything from cookies to ninjas. Her poetry has been published in great magazines like HighlightsLadybug, and Clubhouse Jr. Jody lives in Liberty, Missouri, with her husband and two children. Visit Jody at or on Twitter @jodywrites4kids.