THIS LITTLE PIGGY: An Owner’s Manual (July 2017’s Pick PLUS a Giveaway!)

Title: THIS LITTLE PIGGY: An Owner’s Manual

This Little Piggy_CVR


Author:          Cyndi Marko

Illustrator:    Cyndi Marko

Publisher:      Simon & Schuster Aladdin Pix

ISBN:             978-1-4814-6826-8

Release Date: June 27, 2017

All about it:  

Chuckle your way through this easy-to-read illustrated chapter book about a brother and sister who want a pig for a pet—if only they can convince their mother!  Have you ever wanted to own a pig, but worried how to convince your mom it was a fantastic idea?  The latest Aladdin PIX illustrated chapter book tells the tale of a brother and sister who—more than anything—want a pet pig. Getting the pig—Snowflake—isn’t all that hard, but keeping it clean, feeding it healthy snacks, and teaching it manners and tricks, proves to be more than these kids bargained for. (from publisher’s website)


Opening lines:   (For this special edition, not only do we have the opening lines, but we have the opening page spread! Thanks so much Cyndi!)  

opening spread_Piggy

Favorite page spread:

fave piggy spreadMarko

What will kids (and adults) take away after they’ve read it:

1) That parents are super easy to trick. 😉 and

2) The importance of being who you were meant to be. Sister and Brother think that Snowflake needs to be a perfect pig to win Mom over. They think he needs to be clean, eat his veggies, learn tricks, stay out of the compost—and when all else fails—win a prize to convince Mom he’s the best pet in the entire universe. But in the end it’s when Snowflake is being himself (chasing away some pesky crows that are eating Mom’s garden) that makes Mom fall in love with him. (Also, I love crows and don’t altogether agree with Snowflake’s unfair treatment of them.)

About the author:


​Cyndi Marko is the award-winning author-illustrator of the KUNG POW CHICKEN  early chapter book series, published by Scholastic Branches.

Cyndi was born in Smithers, BC, Canada. She has fond childhood memories of itchy sweaters, frost bite, and tunneling through deep snow to get to school.​

Cyndi spent most of her time as a kid drawing pictures, reading books, making up stories, and never eating too much dessert. Not much has changed, except Cyndi’s mom makes her buy her own crayons now (well, most of the time, anyway. Thanks, Mom!) Cyndi currently lives within walking distance of Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada, and hopes to one day meet Ogopogo in person. She has a lot to discuss with him.

Cyndi is giving away an autographed copy of This Little Piggy : An Owner’s Manual to one lucky person.