TURKEY TROUBLE (November 2017’s Pick)


nov 2017 cover

Author: Wendi Silvano        

Illustrator: Lee Harpe

Publisher: Two Lions 

ISBN: 978-0761455295                    

Release Date: October 1, 200

All about it:

When Turkey realizes it’s Thanksgiving, he’s determined to not be the main course! His brilliant plan. . . don’t be a turkey!

From a horse to a cow to a pig to a sheep, Turkey does his best to disguise himself as other barnyard animals. But when all of these attempts fail, he spots Rooster. Roosters are similar to turkeys, right? So, what could go wrong. Well, a lot! When Turkey (dressed in his hilarious rooster costume) overhears the farmer and his wife’s conversion of not being able to locate Turkey, he realizes that his plan has worked, but now Rooster is in danger of becoming the main course.

SO . . . . . .  he comes up with the perfect disguise (and plan!) to make this Thanksgiving the best ever! Can anyone say PIZZA PIZZA!

Opening lines:         

Turkey was in trouble. Bad trouble.

The kind of trouble where it’s almost Thanksgiving . . .and you’re the main course.

But Turkey had an idea . . .

Favorite page spread:

 Nov. 2017 interior page

What will kids (and adults) take away after they’ve read it:      

Kids will love the humorous costumes Turkey tries to pull off throughout this book. They will realize that with every failed attempt, Turkey doesn’t get discouraged. He simply grumbles “Gobble, gobble.” and then moves on to his next brilliant idea. Adults will love the humor of the book as well as the overall message of persistence. And who knows, they may even decide to shake up their traditional Thanksgiving meal with a pizza! Thanks to Turkey.

About the author: (From Wendi’s website)

Wendi writes picture books, early and emergent readers, early chapter books, magazine articles and stories, educational materials and goofy poetry. A former preschool and elementary school teacher, Wendi has always loved children’s literature and is now delighted to take part in creating books like those she loved as a child. Besides, it’s a great excuse not to clean the bathrooms!