RACE CAR DREAMS Toy Car Transformation Post Six

I hope you’ve kept engines idling because things are about to get super cute!

Now with Race Car’s cool new accessories in place, it’s time to take it up a few high-octane notches . . . with some adorable decals!

Every fast race car needs a number on their door. After all, the competition is going to want to remember which car zoomed by them.

number two

Race Car thinks the number TWO is the most awesome number in the world!


A pair of the sweetest hazel eyes you’ve ever seen!


A warm, friendly smile.


And from the tip of his nose, all the way to the windshield, across the spoiler, and down his back — some very cool racing stripes!

stripes           stripes on back

I bet Race Car giggled a lot while his pit crew added those stripes.

No Race Car is complete without a personalized tag!!

tag close

In case you don’t know what the letters stand for, it’s an acronym for RACE CAR DREAMS by Sharon Chriscoe


And now for the moment you’ve been waiting for!!! Race Car is home! And I’m happy to share what we here at the Chriscoe house think is just the most adorable, cutest car on the planet!!

at home

Race Car is home!


from the side

From the side!


From the back!



with his book

With his book!

with his friends

Surrounded by friends!


with track

Ready to vroom down the track to first place!


Don’t zoom off the track just yet. There’s one more installment of Race Car’s Transformation. Join us here on Monday with some special guests that will be featured with our little guy. And be prepared to vroom — full throttle!


Thanks again to Tony and Crystal and all of Race Car’s pit crew at Tony’s Restoration & Collision Repairs for making our little Race Car SOOOO adorable that you just want to hug him.