RACE CAR DREAMS Toy Car Transformation Final Post!

Last week I promised a special high-octane fueled post and I’m here to deliver!

Race Car was so fired up with his new transformation, he suggested that we give him a test run on a real track to see what he’s got. And boy, he is one fast race car!

For this special post, Race Car also wanted to bring along a few friends and Bentley, Sidney, and Rylan were more than excited to lend a lead foot.

(If you click on the full view next to HD, it pulls up clearer video in full screen~Sorry about that!)

Thank you Bentley, Sidney, and Rylan for doing such a great job zipping and zooming around the track!

Before we left to take Race Car home for a nap (he wore himself out vrooming!), he decided that all three of his friends needed their very own copy of RACE CAR DREAMS to take home with them.

book 3 Books 1

books 2 pic

Bentley and Sidney wanted their Nannie in the picture and Rylan wanted his mom included. 🙂 Race Car and I hope each of you enjoy your book!!

Now that Race Car has been fully transformed to represent the main character in RACE CAR DREAMS, he’s geared up and ready for some book events! If you’re in the Winston Salem, NC or Mount Airy, NC, be sure to stop by one of these locations to say hello.


And starting tomorrow, the official blog tour for RACE CAR DREAMS will kick off! I’ll be posting a link to each of the blogs daily right here. They’re going to be lots of fun, so don’t miss it!

Race Car and I both want to take a moment to thank all of those who have made him and RACE CAR DREAMS a reality.

Thank you to my husband, kids, family, and friends for all of your love and support. Without you, none of this would be possible. Thank you to Jessica Sinsheimer (my agent) for seeing the potential in me and RACE CAR DREAMS. Thank you to Running Press Kids (my publisher), Julie Matysik (my editor), Marlo Scrimizzi (my former editor), Cassie Drumm (my publicist), and Dave Mottram (my illustrator) for bringing RACE CAR DREAMS into the world for everyone to enjoy.