RACE CAR DREAMS Toy Car Transformation Post One

Last spring when my picture book Race Car Dreams sold to my amazing publisher, Running Press Kids, I mentioned to my husband, Ricky that I would like a wooden cutout of a car and have it painted like Race Car. Well . . .

. . .my super smart, supportive husband jumped right on board. He thought that it was a wonderful idea and he took it to a WHOLE higher level than I ever dreamed of. He got to thinking about making an actual wooden car that kids could sit inside of but then rethought that idea due to it being heavy and hard to transport to book events. He started researching lots of ideas and cars that could be used. Race Car isn’t any particular car since my illustrator actually created him (and he’s so cute!) so lots of looking took place.

Finally, we found him! Check him out!! He (well, he looks like a she right now but that will change *see below the picture*) is a 1970’s Junior Sportster Electric VW Volkswagen Vintage Beetle Bug and he is adorable!

race car as pink1race car as pink 4race car as pink 2 race car as pink 4

Soon we will deliver this little gem to a local body shop, who will then transform him with into a replica of Race Car!!

I am so happy to have the blessing of my agent, publisher, editor, and publicist to blog the entire transformation as this exciting adventure takes place.

Thank you Jessica (my agent), Running Press Kids (my publisher), Julie (my editor) and Cassie (my publicist) for all your amazing support! And thank you to the best husband in the whole wide world for dreaming with me and helping to make all my dreams come true.

Stay tuned for the next step in Race Car’s Transformation which will be the delivery of him to the shop.

We can’t wait for this little pink cutie to look like this:

Race Car Dreams Cover