RACE CAR DREAMS Toy Car Transformation Post Two

Ricky and I have been hard at work getting our little toy car up and running. He’s a vintage car, so like anything else vintage, he’s in need of some TLC.

First, he didn’t have a battery at all. And the ones available in stores didn’t fit him because he’s from the 1970’s. Lucky for us the internet has items available that you’d never even know existed. We were able to find an adapter that can connect the old outdated plug-in from Race Car to a new updated plug-in to the battery. YAY! We bought a new battery and a new charger and once it was all charged up and plugged in . . . we had a horn! And lights! SO cute! Check him out with his lights glowing. 


But we also encountered a problem. The little car wouldn’t go. Ricky checked the motor by sticking a wire to the gear box (yes, don’t try this at home kids). And whoo hoo! The motor DOES work. So, that leaves us to finding out where the disconnection is. It lies somewhere between the motor and the foot pedals. This is our primary focus at this point. Getting him vrooming!

Our next step will be ordering some pedals with new connectors to replace the old ones. Hopefully this will get his wheels zooming. And then we can begin focusing on his makeover.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned to discover exactly where the kink is at in our little guy, what we had to do to fix him, and watch us transform him one step closer to a Race Car dream.